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Sandsational Programs

SCO, Inc. provides great services that continue to Rebuild, Encourage, and Support the community. Our instructors are trained and ready to show you what it takes to be a Sandsational individuals!


Sports, Athletic, and Mental Awareness Amongst Athletes

SCO, Inc. provides training in all athletics. Football, track, tennis, basketball, lagross and much more! Our instructor also shows athletes how to recognize their own mental awareness.

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Sandsational Youthful Talents

SCO, Inc. provides dance, step, character building, and self-esteem encouragement. Our Instructor is ready to build the next Sandsational Youthful Talent!


We Are Beauty!

SCO, Inc. Beauty Program shows you what beauty can be. Our instructors provides instruction in the hair, braids, nails, and make-up field. Students get the pleasure of being trained by SCO's President!

Meditating on Bed

Mental Health Its OK To Not Be Ok 

Do you want to be a Boss? SCO, Inc. provides a Entrepreneurship program. Our instructor shows you step by step on how you to become your very own Boss! Our Instructor is ready to help you become a Sandsational Boss!


Going From Boys to Men

SCO, Inc. provides a program to Rebuild, Encourage, and Support Mental awareness and improvements for men. Touching on the main topic "It's ok to not be ok". Our Executive Director is ready to turn boys to MEN!


Sandsational Credit Building

What's your Credit score? Would you like to have a full understanding as to what credit is and how you improve yours? Well SCO, Inc. provides a program that will give you credit information and teaching. Our instructor is ready to help you get Sandsational credit!

Satisfaction Guarantee

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